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print item Essays - Maria Taipaleenmki, Free Essays, Term Papers Yasmine Gist Environmental biology World View The environment we live in is simply beautiful. Animals and plants are a part of the environment but, we as humans are also a part of the environment so it is important that we keep the environment in best condition possible and that means to understand environmental world views. Environmental worldview is common beliefs and images of how humans should interact with the environment. When problems come about in the environment, it's our duty to come up with solutions to solve them, and it is also our duty to keep the environment healthy and safe as best as possible. Are basic beliefs, images, and understandings that shape how we see the world make up our world view. Everyone has their own worldview on different topics. One of my environmental world views is to make sure my family, friends, and myself make contributions to the eco-system so that we can to keep the environment in excellent condition, or in other words my world vie w is eccentric. I also believe that everyone should be bio centric rather than anthropocentric. Humans are not superior in the world. All species have value to them and are put in the world for some reason. I took an eco-footprint survey and my results weren't so shocking. My carbon, housing, and goods and services footprints where all a little bit above the country average. My food footprint however was a little less than the country average. My marine fisheries and pastureland footprints came out the same. Cropland was a little less than half of my Marine fisheries footprint, and forestland footprint was the same as my marine fisheries pastureland footprints put together. I came to have these world views mostly because my family. They inform me about the environment and ways to help it. My mom does most of the grocery shopping so she is an influence on the food that I eat. There are several other factors that my family has helped influence my worldview, but I also have taken in th eir intake and added my own views. My world views definitely reflect on my lifestyle. My lifestyle has made positive impacts on the environment. Every day when I wake up I take a shower. I make sure I spend no more than 5 minutes so I am saving water. I have a healthy organic breakfast making sure I use reusable plates and silverware. I try to always carry a water bottle instead of buying a plastic one. We have a recycling bin in my house to we make sure we recycle everything we can! When we wash clothes we ONLY wash if it's a full load. Saving water is very good way to help the environment and not only that but it is more cost effective so why not! Along with water comes the electricity. Making sure the lights are off when not in a room, making sure electrical cords are not plugged in when they are not in use. Those little things can have a HUDGE impact on the environment. In class we have read and seen a lot of articles and video clips that show bad actions that have neg atively impacted the environment and we have also read about things that have positively impacted it. I think that having us read these articles and discuss them in groups really helps us get a clear visual of the cause and effect of human behavior to the environment. In one article we learned that in some of our exfoliating soaps there at these little balls of plastic that cause a negative effect on animals in water. When we wash is face and body off those little beads of plastic are going down the drain and could possibly end up where the sea life is. Learning about that makes me more cautious about the products I buy. Another of the articles I read I learned how female fish are starting to produce male testicles, and it is because of the things we throw into the water. I really am enjoying the class. I am learning about things I did not know about such as real world issues in the environment. I

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College Application Essays

College Application Essays College Application Essays Application essay is an important step in the educational process, as it is aimed at submission of document for different academic programs and internships. Most students get lost while they need to choose a format and style of writing, but simultaneously they want to impress the committee members by their talents, not only in education sphere, but also in writing and expressing thoughts. So the top question of this article is how to write a college application essay?: Often students do not know what they should start with. However, to tell the truth, there is a mistake. Indeed, they start writing their application essay and often they do it without additional preparation and critical review of the goal of entering the university. Secrets Of A Successful Application Essay Do not break your brains, as we have already discovered all the secrets of a successful application essay and can share them with you. Writing is not a first thing to do. You should analyze the program you want to study and make many conclusions upon it before writing, such as: Improvement of your career chances after this program; Your professional ambitions and connection of them with the program; Your contribution to the program; Ideal conditions of the program, etc. Do not be in hurry with your application essay. Every thought and word, which will be in it, should help you to discover your potential and higher position among other application essays. Try to write for someone. Imagine that you are an employee and your employer wants to give his position to two applicants, you and your college. You will be earning 1000000 $ per year on this position, of course, you want him to persuade to promote just you. What methods and techniques will you use for your application essay? That is true that a human wants to be the first and this image can help you a lot in finding proper words and thoughts for the writing your unique and amazing essay. Now we hope you have notion about how to write a college application essay. The Main Stages In The Writing Application Essay Are: Think over all the positive changes in your life, education and career chances with the needed program; Try to read other application essays and analyze what techniques are used in them; Read instruction on the writing; Write your first draft. Imagine someone for whom you are writing; Give the draft for checking to the person, who is interested in your entering the program (family members, friends). If there is nobody to help you, try to read out your application essay for checking language sound; Look through the main rules of formatting, and give a grammatical form to your application essay and check for the structure and proper order of parts of your essay. Submit your application essay. Our Professional Writing Application Essay Assistance For the best application essay - contact our professional writing service! Our experience may guarantee an excellent result! Do not be afraid, entrust our writing professional company and receive an application essay without fail! Related posts: Communism Paper Philosophy Term 15 Page Term Paper Topics for a Research Paper Research Paper Proposal Persuasive Research Paper

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Ch10 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ch10 - Case Study Example These facets will help managers and other employees to make better decisions keeping in mind the current scenario and the organizational culture of the organization. The norms accepted by the employees, their emotions regarding various aspects, so on and so forth will help in building high emotional intelligence in employees (Cote and Miners, 27). Yes the program being implemented in J&J would be successful in improving the emotional intelligence of employees. It is appropriate to consider abilities in job performance evaluations. Observational learning is a very important tool that help individual learn many characteristics and traits that should be possessed by them for success. By attending training programs, those employees that aspire for success would work upon bringing a change in themselves and work upon having high emotional intelligence. All those abilities should be evaluated for evaluation of job performances that are required for the job role as the multi skills present in employees allows many tasks to be conducted successfully for the firm. Manufacturing and quality control recalls can be avoided if managers control the resistance in employees due to any mishap occurring in the firm. All negative emotions from the employees need to be removed. The managers need to ensure that the goals of the employees are in alignment with the goals of the organization and accordingly deal with all the manufacturing and quality related concerns of the firm. Stronger relationships are built, stress at workplace is reduced which leads to better productivity. The other abilities in avoiding recalls in organizations are through employees having an optimistic view of work and life. Having abilities to work hard and work under pressure by following the guidelines exactly allows recalls to be avoided in manufacturing and quality control

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Comparative analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Comparative analysis - Research Paper Example While both paintings are inspired by biblical readings, Michelangelo’s painting is from a story in the beginning of biblical times while Giotto’s painting is a vision of the end. Both paintings are divided in the middle, depicting opposites of events on either side. In the Fall and Expulsion from Garden of Eden, the image is divided by the controversial Tree of Knowledge, with the left side showing Adam and Eve enjoying the bliss of paradise while the right side showing them being ousted by an angel from the garden to fend for themselves. In Giotto’s Last Judgment, the image is likewise divided on the lower half with a cross dividing the picture into visions of those called to heaven and those thrown to hell. Both paintings show visions of the enjoyment of God’s grace as well as the consequences of sin. Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) was placed under the tutelage of a number of gifted artists ever since he was a young boy. Critics believe his work was influenced by the masters, Leonardo, Giotto and Poliziano. They were impressed by the boy’s extreme sensitivity, and his combination of energy and talent. Michelangelo was commissioned to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by the Pope himself for his own personal worship space ( The Fall and Expulsion from Garden of Eden is just one of the panels devoted to Creation. The flow of the story of the image is from left to right. On the left side, a relaxed couple is shown enjoying the fruit from the forbidden tree while the background denotes lush and abundance. The serpent entwines itself to the tree while tempting Adam and Eve. It symbolically divides the image denoting its representation of man’s separation from God’s graces as the couple is ousted from the garden. The right side shows total desolation and the look of frustration and regret in the couple’s faces while an angel drives them away (Web Gallery of Art). Giotto di Bondon e (1266-1337) is another renowned Italian artist whose works have been influenced by Pietro Cavallini, Nicola and Giovanni Pisano. In 1304, he began a series of 38 frescoes in the Scrovegni (Arena) Chapel in Padua which mostly depict biblical images His works builds up a rhythm from solemn and slow-moving to supremely forceful drama but are filled with compassion (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia). He is also adept in the use of space, adding appropriate figures in the background culled from his own interpretation of the image making them powerful visions. In The Last Judgment, Giotto paints the top part to show heaven with Jesus in the middle and the apostles at both sides while the lower part shows the chosen that are blessed to enter the gates of heaven on the left side and the doomed that are sent to hell on the right side. Archangels Michael and Raphael are in the middle holding the cross ( Ladis suggests that Giotto’s wit and humor is evident in his work especially in his treatment of hell in the painting. Those subjected to eternal damnation are depicted trying their best to escape their judgment but none can hide, as everyone is owned by Satan (586). Both artists are expert in capturing the emotions of the subjects and in turn, evoking the emotions of their viewers. Michelangelo has been known to be a master in the human form, and this shows

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The Wife of Bath Essay example -- Canterbury Tales Essays

The Canterbury Tales, written by Geoffrey Chaucer at the end of the fourteenth century, have been read with admiration in most periods between the fifteenth century and the present. In this poetic satire, Chaucer uses "a fictitious pilgrimage as a framing device for a number of stories" (Norton, 79). Chaucer himself becomes a character, and at the same time, the narrator in this masterpiece, and along with twenty-nine other people, he sets out on the quest to Canterbury. In "The General Prologue," Chaucer presents short descriptions of each of the pilgrims. Throughout the poem, Chaucer the narrator depicts the pilgrims one by one, without criticizing or telling the reader his own opinion about the characters: he leaves that up to the readers to perceive on their own. Pilgrimages were very common in fourteenth-century England, and they were well depicted in the Middle English literature. On the literal level, the pilgrimage was a journey to the shrine of a saint to pray and receive remission for the sins, and while on the pilgrimage, one would meet different people and listen to their interesting stories. On the allegorical level, the pilgrimage represents people's journey through life. In The Canterbury Tales, after setting themselves to leave from the courtyard of the Tabard Inn, the pilgrims agree to tell the stories: two on the way to Canterbury and two on the way back. Such a development of the plot gives Chaucer a chance to portray each of the pilgrims through his or her own lips. Chaucer's pilgrims represent all the social levels of the hierarchical order of medieval society. Most of the pilgrims are men. There are only a few women, and one of them is t... ...Tale" reflect to certain degree the started topic. It becomes obvious that the Wife of Bath's aim was not so much the truth, as it was her self-justification. Created by Chaucer in the end of the fourteenth century, the "lusty and domineering" character of the Wife of Bath seems to be more alive today as a prototype of a liberated woman than she was during the Chaucer's time. By creatign this character, Chaucer attacked the existing patriarchal hierarchical social order and raised the question of women's equality to man by placing the woman on the position historically given by society to men. Works Cited The Norton Anthology of English Literature. Sixth Edition Volume 1. Ed. M.H.Abrams. New York: W.W.Norton and Company, Inc., 1993. Parker David. "Can We Trust the Wife of Bath?" Geoffrey Chaucer Ed. Harold Bloom. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1985.

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Chemistry lab report Essay

* Purpose: Finding the number of water molecules attached to copper sulphate crystals CuSO4.xH2O. * To avoid error: 1. Do not make too much movement around the balance when taking any mass. 2. Wait till the balance’s reading is stable then take the reading. 3. Make sure that the crystals are well distributed in the beaker to be evenly exposed to as much heat as possible. * In case the experiment was repeated for more accuracy in the final results, variables should be controlled: 1. Use the same balance. 2. Use same size and shape of the container (Beaker or evaporating dish) 3. Use exactly the same mass of copper sulphate crystals. 4. Apply the same amount of heat at the same time intervals. 5. Control room temperature. * Apparatus: 1. Beaker. 2. Balance. 3. Watching glass. 4. Glass stirring rod. 5. Hot plate. 6. Tongs. 7. Goggles. * Procedure: 1. The mass of the empty beaker is measured using the balance and found to be 29.92g 2. The mass of the watching glass is measured using the balance and found to be 58.95g 3. The copper sulphate, which is a light blue powder, is then added to the beaker and the total mass of the beaker and the copper sulphate is 33.86g 4. Wear the goggles for safety. 5. Copper sulphate is heated using the hot plate, the color of the powder gradually changes from light blue to white starting from the bottom of the beaker up and water vapor can be seen on the beaker’s walls. 6. The powder becomes a little clumpy during heating. 7. The beaker is shaken and the powder is stirred using the stirring glass rod every now and then to expose the upper parts of the powder to more heat and allow them to dehydrate properly. 8. As soon as the entire powder turns white, the beaker is covered with watching glass to prevent copper sulphate from reacting, again, with water vapor in the atmosphere. Also, the hot plate is now turned off. 9. The mass of the dehydrated copper sulphate along with that of the beaker and the watching glass is now taken and found to be 91.60g. * Processing: 1. By subtracting the mass of the empty beaker measured at the beginning of the procedure from its mass along with the copper sulphate, the mass of hydrated copper sulphate used at the beginning is found. 33.86g – 29.92g = 3.94g 2. By subtracting the mass of the empty beaker and watching glass measured at the beginning of the procedure from the final mass of the procedure, the mass of dehydrated copper sulphate is obtained. 91.60g – (58.95g + 29.92g) = 2.73g 3. The mass of evaporated water molecules can now be found by subtracting the mass of dehydrated copper sulphate from the mass of hydrated copper sulphate. 3.94g – 2.73g = 1.21g 4. The number of moles of evaporated water is now calculated by the rule: Number of moles = Mass / Molar mass Where the molar mass of water is 18 g/mol n = 1.21g / 18g.mol-1 = 0.067 mol 5. The number of water molecules is now calculated by multiplying the number of moles times Avogadro’s number (6.02*1023) Number of molecules = n*NA = 0.067*6.02*1023 =4.03*1022 molecules 6. The ratio is calculated to find the number of molecules attached and the formula of the compound: CuSO4 H2O Mass (g) 2.73 1.21 Molar mass (g/mol) 159 18 Number of moles (mol) 0.172 0.067 Ratio 1 10 0.39 3.9 à ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ 4 * Conclusion: The aim of this was to determine the number of water molecules attached to copper sulphate and that is a 4.03*1022 molecule where the compound has a formula of 10CuSo4.4H2O * Sources of error: 1. Uncertainty of the balance used. 2. Stirring may cause crystals to stick on the stirring glass rod affecting the mass. 3. The beaker has a small surface area, therefore not all particles will be exposed to enough heat and so not all water molecules will evaporate. * Ways of improving: Use a container with a larger surface area such as an evaporating dish to avoid the need of stirring and therefore copper sulphate crystals won’t be lost by sticking to the glass rod. Also, this will increase the number of water molecules exposed to heat and so it will increase the chance of dehydrating all of the copper sulphate crystals.

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Case Study Parrot Heads Unite Essay examples - 1021 Words

When I imagine a Parrott Head, or Jimmy Buffett fan, I see a Hawaiian themed shirt, white sandy beaches, a margarita, and a lot of people coming together to have a good time. Jimmy Buffett has made a name for himself, otherwise known as his brand. This brand is maintained only by those who follow him and purchase his music, eat at his restaurants, purchase his products, and visit his vacation destinations and casinos. These fans, or Parrot Heads, are not only supporting his brand, they are also participating in various charities and clubs around the world. What is a Parrot Head? Parrot heads are not just fans of Jimmy Buffet’s music, they are people who are involved in the communities which they reside. Although Parrot Heads are†¦show more content†¦A love for music, specifically Jimmy Buffett tunes, and charitable contributions have brought these individuals together, forming a brand community. Solomon (2012) defines a brand community as â€Å"a group of consumers who share a set of social relationships based on usage of or interest in a product.† Fans of Jimmy Buffett already existed and attended concerts, some even tailgating before the show, but Scott Nickerson, wanted to reunite with fellow fans more frequently than at the annual concert in Atlanta, Georgia. He started a local Parrot Head club for individuals who enjoyed Jimmy Buffett music, but it was not only about the music. Nickerson was inspired by Jimmy Buffet’s charitable work. The start of the first Parrot Head club was also the start of the incredible charitable work the now international organization is recognized for. This referent power which Jimmy Buffett has continued to grow, as did the number of clubs throughout the United States. The PHIP reports club membership averages at 150 members, which â€Å"an average age range between the mid-twenties and mid-fifties† (Nickerson, 2014). With 221 clubs in the United States (recognized by PHIP), nine in Canada, and one in Australia, the brand community is a target for marketers worldwide (Parrot Heads in Paradise Inc., 2014, Chapters: Parrot Heads in Paradise Inc.).Show MoreRelatedGirls Are More Achiever Than Boys6681 Words   |  27 Pagesrealise why they were pestered to study. I wont mention why there are more men in the IT market than women.   Derran, WalesBecause girls distract the boys in lessons! Its obvious. The way some girls dress in class these days would make the most conscientious boy turn his head and cause his mind to wander!   Iain, UKIt depends where your goalposts are. In school or college and many of the new universities - where it seems to boil down more and more to being a diligent parrot, girls are achieving the highestRead MoreOrganizational Behaviour Analysis28615 Words   |  115 PagesImperatives: IT, the politics of transformation and futures. Notes on Writing a Case Analysis Structuring a Case Analysis General notes on the Medical Model The Organisation is not well Structure of the Medical Model Description Analysis/Diagnosis Options Prescription/Recommendation Action Concluding theoretical commentaries Abstract References Presenting a Case Report Important Notes for Writing Your Own Case Study Space for Doodles, Marginal Notes, Aimless Scribblings, Love Letters and Shopping